Tabla VJing with artwork by the Shanti Children Project 01

This is a collabration with the Shanti Children Project.

First they were shown circle drawings by Rajinder Deo.
Here are links to his artwork:
Five Elements 2008 – 09
London 1999 – 2002
India Travelogue 1999

The children were then given a simple template to draw their circle artwork. Deo took photographs while they were drawing and had some fun with the children and took some more pictures.

Deo scanned the drawings and used the photographs he took to create the video. Using the software Max (Cycling 74) to analysis the sounds Deo played on the tabla drums to control the visuals, he recorded the video live, no editing, no post production.

Shanti Children Project was set up to help local children with their education and general well being. Many poor children in the area are not able to attend school because they can not afford even the most basic school supplies needed. Our project is based on the good will of wonderful Indian and western volunteers living in Tiruvannamalai who contribute their time and energy to our project activities. Besides supporting the children individually, we have cultural programs, fun and educational days for the street children in our area. In such days we try to bring a smile and a laughter to the face and hearts of children who experience difficulties in their daily life.

Their goal is to find individual children, orphans, semi orphans, handicapped and those who are unable to attend school for various reasons, and support them with school fees, uniforms, stationary and medical assistance where needed. The projects’ goal is to be able to support them throughout their entire schooling years. We put a special emphasis on young girls as they are generally less likely to receive education as it is the men’s job in india to financially support the family.

How to help – information on how to make donations