Exhibition: Circles of Freedom by Deo


Inauguration: Thursday 9th March 2017 at 19:00 (until 12 April 2017)
Presentation through mystical stories: Rebecca Lemaire

Info in Spanish on Casa del Tibet BCN website

Casa del Tibet de Barcelona, C/ Rosselló 181,   08036 Barcelona
Horario: Lunes a viernes: 10-13.30h y 17-21h, Sábados: 10-13:30h

Rajinder Deo studied art and design in the UK. He obtained a Master’s Degree in Digital Art at University of the Arts London in 2008. He first started drawing and painting circles while he was an assistant art coordinator at a community center in Hackney, London. Later, while living, travelling and studying music and yoga in India, Thailand and Oman, Deo continued to draw about his inner and outer experiences, all through circles.

The exhibition portrays more than 50 circles in 6 different collections reflecting different chapters of Deo’s life: the London Life collection, the Backpacker’s Travelogue while in India in 1997-8, the Five Elements series created while practicing yoga and meditation in India and Thailand 2007-10. Finally, the more recent Ladakh 2014 and 2016 collections are inspired by the landscapes of the Himalaya, the people of Ladakh and Tibetan Buddhism.

Image: ‘Joy’ by Deo. 1999

Website: www.deodesign.com

Rebecca Lemaire, storyteller and Deo’s life partner, will introduce his work at the inauguration on Thursday 9 March through a storytelling session. Deo and Rebecca chose stories that reflect the spirit of his work and this exhibition best.